An Overview of POEA Jobs in Dubai

In order to learn a bit more about POEA Jobs in Dubai, we should first talk about what exactly POEA is! POEA stands for the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and its main function is to promote and develop overseas employment and to protect the rights of migrant workers. It is essentially an organization that helps Filipinos get jobs overseas, but what specifically does it do?

The Main Functions of POEA

The organization partners with private recruitment agencies and ship manning companies to help citizens engage in overseas recruitment. They also listen to complains and functions as an arbitrator when there is a complaint made against a recruitment agency, a foreign employee and overseas workers. These complaints are typically made because there has been an alleged violation of POEA rules and regulations.

One of the most important functions the POEA participates in is setting minimum labor standards. They also monitor overseas job advertisements in print, broadcast and television to make sure everything that is posted is meeting regulation standards. Finally, they work with the government on anti-illegal recruitment.

In terms of facilitation the employment side of things, they help foreign companies hire Filipino workers. They participate in almost every aspect of the hiring stages. Firstly, they accredit and register foreign employers to hire Filipino workers. They approve the requests of these foreign employers who are looking for workers. Once the hiring phase has started, they will take a look at the contracts offered and evaluate and process them. They will then help the Filipino workers leave the country as well. They also facilitate the hiring of employees in other areas such as government-to-government as well as conducting a lot of market research on the current job market abroad.

Finally, they do a lot of work in the worker’s protection arena. They raise awareness about workers protection in the public education sector. They conduct pre-employment orientation and anti-illegal seminars all over the work to further raise awareness and ensure that people are up to date on the industry standards. They help different organizations draft agreements to ensure workers are protected and they also provide legal assistance to victims of illegal recruitment.

Essentially, the POEA is meant to help Filipinos get good jobs abroad and throughout the process they are meant to ensure that all regulations and requirements are met while making sure the interests of Filipino workers are protected. In the event that these interests are not protected, they provide support for the victims of these crimes. They also continually delve into research on the matter while having forums for discussion, debate and learning all over the world to make sure people know what is going on.

Why Get a POEA Job?

For a job to be certified as a POEA job, it must go through the organization and be with a company that is sanctioned and accredited. Basically, POEA only deals with reputable, authorized and certified recruitment companies so if you are looking to ensure that you have the best chance to finding the right career for you, then you should be talking to POEA so they can provide this service for you. This organization is specifically for those looking to travel from the Philippines and work abroad. This can be good and bad but the fact of the matter is, this is the only organization available for Filipinos looking to work abroad if you are looking to rely on an authority to ensure that you are not being taken advantage of.

If you are a Filipino looking for work abroad, there are certain arguments that can be made for why you should or shouldn’t use POEA. First of all, they only work with specific recruitment agencies so at least you know you are getting an accredited company and that this organization will protect your rights. However, if you are looking to branch out from the companies that POEA use, then your rights will not be protected but you will get to experience different companies. Sadly, this is one of the only ways that you can ensure your rights would be protected.

POEA Jobs Available in Dubai

Dubai is currently one of the most popular places for immigrants to move to with the hopes of finding a great job and a permanent career. The POEA partners with great recruitment agencies in Dubai to ensure that Filipino workers can get placed where there are jobs and that they are protected throughout this process. So where can you find these jobs in Dubai? The best place to start is to visit one if the POEA offices in the Philippines where they can talk to you and connect you with one of their recruitment agencies that best suits what you are looking for.

If you would like to search for yourself for these jobs online, it is recommended that you include in your search that you would like it to be a POEA job to ensure that your rights are protected

Why Choose Dubai?

Dubai is an incredible place to live as it is such a thriving economy with a growing multicultural environment. Almost all of the workers in Dubai are foreign workers so there is a very real opportunity for you to move abroad and gain some work experience. Furthermore, the tax environment is very appealing – in the Middle East they do not charge you personal income tax so you have the opportunity to save some money as opposed to giving it all away to the government! If you need some more incentive on why living in Dubai is a great idea, please check out these articles: Jobs in the Middle East and Working in the Middle East.

Be aware that you typically need to have either a sponsor or a job lined up prior to arriving in Dubai, or you might not be let into the country. This is another reason for you using a POEA recruitment company – it will just make the process so much smoother and ensure that you have the potential to earn some money immediately after arriving in the country. Head to a POEA office today to start the process!

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