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If you are currently browsing around for IT manager jobs, it might help if you knew about the top technology companies in the world to work for. Whether you are currently an IT manager or you have ample experience in the information technology department and you are looking to become an IT manager, everyone wants to work for leaders in their field. Here we will go over some of the top technology companies to work for and maybe this will help you in your search.

Ericsson Worldwide:

Ericsson is a leader in telecommunications and provides support to technology services worldwide. Their CEO, Hans Vestburg, is very highly respected in the industry and in the company. Ericsson is known for giving them employees the freedom to adjust their workload and puts high importance on internal ethics. This makes employees feel wanted and respected, especially when it is such a large and international company. Furthermore, employees get great benefits. They are also known for providing a very clear career development path through great leadership and ample opportunities. One final thought – Ericsson employees are encouraged to move around and because the company is so multinational, there are so many different areas that you could successfully work in.


While Microsoft employees are known for not really liking their current CEO, Steven Ballmer, they are very happy employees. There has been a lot of talk about the ongoing battle between Microsoft and Apple and amidst all of that talk, no one seems to mention the employees. While the majority of Apple employees actually work in a retail store, the opposite is true of Microsoft, where most of their employees work in the technology department. These employees are spoiled with shops, salons and fancy meals during their lunch hour. They receive amazing benefits and many opportunities to grow. There will definitely be trouble for you along the way with this large company, but they are very revered in the technology department and if you are serious about a career in information technology, they are a great company to work for.

Citrix Systems:

Citrix Systems is a market-leading networking, virtualization and cloud company that is revolutionizing this era of technology. All of the employees love their CEO and that is probably because their employees are allowed to work from anywhere! Citrix employees are given the opportunity to work remotely from home if they want and this even applies to upper level managerial positions. Even given this option, a lot of employees decide to work in the office because they get the opportunity to have free food and to socialize with their co-workers. There are so many high level technology wizards that really want to work for this company because they are a company that appreciates their employees and shows it in a way that they respect.


NVIDIA is a leading technology company that is mostly known for creating graphics and other visual computing components. Not only do they make awesome products that their employees can get excited about but they are also an amazing company to work for. Their CEO has one of the highest ratings of any technology company CEO in the industry. Their employees love the company and that is because no matter how big it gets, there is always a small atmosphere. There is a lot of recognition for individual accomplishments and this keeps morale high even when employees need to work late. A lot of employees are given the opportunity to work from home as well. Employees describe the NVIDIA work environment as engaging and rewarding.


Intel is a technology company that has been around for plenty of years and is still a great place to work. Their CEO, Paul Otellini, is highly approved of within the company. While Intel may not be as dynamic of a work place as it once was, it still provides a great work-life balance for its employees while still offering them a challenging and rewarding work environment. The only notable complaint is that sometimes, it is difficult to get big decisions made in upper level management but for the most part, the compensation is excellent, the facilities are great and the work place is casual while still maintaining its professionalism.


If you are looking to travel a lot, this could be the company for you. Avanade is a business technology solutions company that is fully international. Their CEO is very well respected and the company as a whole is constantly gaining a stronger reputation. Avenade will have you travel a lot with the job but the clients that you work with and the people that you will be interacting with are incredibly interesting. You will have to deal with big time companies like Microsoft and Accenture, while also dealing with smaller companies along the way as well. Techies love working here because each day is different and you walk into work and do not know what to expect. Because of that, you get a wide range of experience and you are constantly challenged and learning each day.


Google was recently rated the best company in the world to work for – not just a technology company. Everyone loves the CEO and the employees rave about their experience. While it is notoriously hard to get a job there, if you are qualified and experienced and have what they are looking for, you would be silly not to give it at try. The perks alone at Google are enough to make someone want to work there – they have amazing cafeterias, gorgeous offices and a laid back environment. In recent years, it has gotten a bit harder for employees to define their career paths and the amount of red tape has been increasing as of late as well but employees still love working there. Because the company is still growing, there is a bit of ambiguity with job roles but in general, employees are paid well, challenged and looked after extremely well.

If you are looking for an IT manager job, look to see if any of these companies are hiring because they are industry leaders and known to be amazing places to work! If you are still looking for IT manager jobs but maybe you are looking overseas, you may be interested to check out the following articles: Overseas Jobs for Americans and Finding Work Abroad.

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